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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Issue 41.12

Today, June 3, the last issue of The Communicator for the 2009-2010 academic year will hit stands. We added four extra pages of color and some great stories to check out.

Mark Palek, President of SFCC announces he will be taking medical leave for the remainder of the year. Read the details on page 2.

SFCC's Stone Age Survival class is featured on page 3. Read the story to see how students get college credit to learn how cavemen lived.

For ideas on how to make a great meal for under $5 per person check out page 12.

Night of Illusions is featuring two shows this year. For more details read the story on page 6.

CCS Track and Field mens and women's teams brought home another NWAAC title. The full story is on page 10.

Kaitlin Allen's perspectives topic states that teachers should allow laptops in classrooms. See page 15 for the full argument.

Visit the multimedia page of The Communicator Online for an interactive project surrounding the Stone Age Survival course offered at SFCC.

Sarah Radmer | Editor-in-Chief
Sarah can be contacted at

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The best of Issue 41.11

Issue 41.11 of The Communicator is on stands. The following are some of the best stories to check out:

CCS Board of Trustees hires Christine Johnson despite past allegations of misconduct. See the entire story on page 1.

The SFCC Dance club has been reinstated. For more information and upcoming performances visit page 10.

A story about the local Comicon convention is told through a comic book. See page 6.

Local restaurant run out of train car, Franks diner is profiled on page 7.

The Sasquatch mens tennis team took first place in the 2010 NWAACC championship. For a full story check out page 9.

This issues opinion topic is privacy. Look on pages 3 and 4 for commentary on social networking, facebook information privacy, and the Patriot Act.

Visit the Communicator Online for a complete interactive guide to the Sasquatch music festival.

- Sarah Radmer, Editor-in-Chief, The Communicator

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Issue 41.10 of The Communicator

Our latest issue of The Communicator will hit stands on May 6. This is our first 16-page issue of the year, so there is even more content for you to enjoy. Here are some stories to pay special attention to:

SFCC Senate is considering a change in the smoking policy, after at least four complaints throughout the academic year. For more information on their proposal see page 1.

Richard Shenkman visited the SFCC campus to speak on the different myths there are in history. Visit page 6 to find out whether or not Betsy Ross actually sewed the first American flag.

A vertical panorama of the Karen Ganz gallery in the fine arts building at SFCC is printed on 9. Turn the page counter clockwise to get a full view.

Want to know where to find the best milkshakes in Spokane? Page 12 gives you a rating of the best spots to hit.

The back page of the issue showcases CCS's three assistant baseball coaches. Read their bio's and check the story to see how these three combine to become a "triple threat."

This issues opinion topic is civic discourse. Check out pages 4 and 5 to read opinions on net neutrality, student newspapers and more.

To accompany the Dry Fly story running on page 13, check out the interactive step-by-step guide of how this one of a kind distillery makes their world-famous gin.

- Sarah Radmer, Editor-in-Chief, The Communicator

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A letter from the new Editor-in-Cheif

The beginning of Spring quarter marks my first quarter as Editor-in-Chief of The Communicator and The Communicator Online. I am entering this quarter with high expectations for our staff, our paper, and our presence and connection with the campus.
To kick off my term I was greeted with the news that The Communicator Online has again been nominated for an Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker, an award the site won last fall. Both publications will also be competing in the Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence awards this weekend in Seattle, Wash.
I am pleased about the recognition our publications are receiving both locally and nationally and I aim to work as a staff to not only live up to those recognitions but use them as motivation to advance the work we are doing and work on creating new and different content.
I, along with the rest of the staff am excited about continuing to define the roles of our two publications and fine tuning the products we create. We as an organization are also continuing our work with other mediums; from social networking like facebook and twitter, to podcasting or multimedia projects, I am extremely excited about the content the Communicator will be creating this quarter.


Sarah Radmer, Editor-in-Chief, The Communicator

Sarah may be contacted at

Thursday, February 25, 2010

New issue hits stands this today

There are several important stories in this issue of The Communicator. Here is a recap of what you should look for when you grab your issue today.

Washington State Senate passed a bill which would allow major public universities to increase their tuition rates by up to 14 percent. This is an important story for anyone intending to transfer to UW, WSU or WWU.

SFCC Drama Department gets ready to debut its take on Shakespeare's "A Comedy of Errors." For all the details on show times and a synopsis, read the Culture section.

If you don't know what to do if your car gets broken into or stolen, read "A college student's guide to car theft" for all the details. This story walks you through who to contact and what you should do with the contents of your car if a burglar strikes.

We discuss same-sex marriage laws and marijuana laws in our Perspectives section. Write a Letter to the Editor to have your voice heard on the subject too. E-mail us at

Find out the cost of smoking cigarettes in Focus. These costs include not only medical cost but the toll on relationships as well.

The Flavors section shows you how to make a delicious pizza yourself. This story gives you several options for customizing your pizza along with visual aids for reference.

CCS Baseball gets ready for baseball season. Read all the details and player commentary in Sidelines.

To read these or any story, make sure to check out The Communicator Online.

- Hilary Vandenbark, Editor-in-Chief, The Communicator

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In an explosion of color, light and sound, musicians, actors, singers and most importantly audience members came together to create The Afro Blue Experience. Kaitlin Allen, Madison McCord and Lindsey Treffry photographed, recorded and produced this piece.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New issue hits stands this thursday

It has been over two months since our last issue hit newsstands around campus, and a lot has happened since then.

Make sure to look for the newest issue of The Communicator around campus this Thursday, January 28.

And for a sneak peak, here are the top stories for each section.

Student arrested on campus by U.S. Marshalls

Point-Counterpoint on the impact of religion on a college student's life.

The whimsical world of Figpickles Toy Emporium

Overview of SCC Culinary Arts Program

Art Gallery collaboration generates creative STEW

29-year-old student gets back on track

Make sure to pick up an issue on Thursday to read these stories and more.